D800 6fps DX mode hack?

Started Jul 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 6fps DX mode hack?

Has anyone tried using 6 fps in dx mode with the following combo:

1. Battery grip on camera, either Nikon or third party grip, but with NO battery in the grip? Or does the camera know when there is no battery in the grip? If still does 6 fps, then see 2. below, else this means it needs the charge ( I doubt the firmware programmers talked to the designers, they probably used a middle man, or a liaison between departments. Likely it does not need a charge, but a bit of electronics in the grip itself. Take grip apart, electronics? Smell from outside of grip, electronics smell, or plastics smell?

2. Battery grip on camera, either Nikon or third party grip, but with NO charge on the battery grip battery at all. I mean, completely drained battery grip battery. Still 6 fps? Then all it's doing is looping a signal from the camera pin itself, right back into the camera, but using the metal in the battery to complete the circuit. Likely the case, see firmware comment above.

All we have to do is connect the correct pins on bottom of the camera together with a trash bag tie in that case, then close the port with that cap I see in the web photos. It made need some resistance, in which case, I'd love to know any marking on any resistors found in the battery grip.

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