E-M5 at ISO=200 - Plain as day if you have a look.

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Re: Totally wrong, and don't worry, be happy :-)

Pixnat2 wrote:

dcassat wrote:

DM wrote:
If you shoot JPEG and RAW, the RAW file will be compromised exposure-wise.

While I think a little more should be done to double-check the finding, this would keep me from using this mode of the camera.

If I'm missing something I'm sure someone will correct me!

If you shoot RAW or JPEG+RAW, the camera will meter exactly the same. No difference at all.

You will notice the underexposure ONLY if you open your RAW file with RawTherapee some other RAW converters, and only in certain conditions.

If you use ACR, LR, Studiom DXO and all the major RAW converters that supports the EM-5, you will never ever notice it, it will be completely invisible to you.

For the record, Every Olympus is using this method to perserve highlights form the E30/E620.

It means that the E-5, E-620, E-P1, E-P2, E-PL1, E-PL2, EP-3, E-PL3, E-PM1 and EM-5 are using this technique.

So don't worry, shoot like you always shooted, don't change your habits, there's absolutely nothing new!

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As an E-620 and EM-5 owner, and user of LR, I appreciate you succinct summary. I'm glad that you could interpret the technical babble and state the real meaning of all the discussion to myself and others.

Thank you!!

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