Medium Format Techniques emphasized in D800, but not D7000

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Re: Medium Format Techniques emphasized in D800, but not D7000

Could it be that the whole question boils down to final magnification?

As the amount of pixels of the D800 invites for large printing (and pixel peeping) the greater the chance of visible motion blur gets.

This in a similar fashion to defocus circles getting larger with decreasing depth of focus, but where also the visual impression of defocus is dependent on magnification (and viewing distance)

In other words the D800 is more prone to motion blur IF the image is printed to a large size or pixel peeped. Similarly if the images are not enlarged extensively, motion blur ('micro blur') is probably less of an issue as would be the case with any size of film/ccd imager size.

P&S usually do not lend themselves to very large enlargement because of their relative small number of total pixels, notwithstanding they have a relatively high pixel density.

My (quick) thought.


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