k-5 does weddings and couples shoots

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Me too!

I've done a few weddings with Pentax. The value cannot be beat!

Did my first with a k10 but it's not posted. Most of what is my galleries is using a K20.

Since I had sold my K20 and a co-worker really wanted me to shoot her wedding recently even though I was semi-retired from photography, I used her payment to get the K5. I haven't posted those photos yet in the galleries. I'll try to remember to come back here to link to it when I have it.

The K5 is great so far!

I updated my gallery, and used a Google ad words credit I got in the mail. From google searching, I was found for two different PR photo assignments. Quick, in and out in an hour! Hope I get more of those!

I use the 50-135 and the Sigma 18-50/2.8 Macro and a backup K10 body. I have the 16-50, but it doesn't have macro and is slower focusing than the Sigma. I should sell it, but when cleaning it to take photos of it I nicked the front element!! So, it just sits here. The 50-135 was purchased very early in it's production, so it had to go in for an overhaul right before the warranty expired, but it's been great. The colors and images from the 50-135 are so lovely.

Caveat: A few photos during the ceremonies only are by my 2nd photog, using Nikon.

Here's the sneak peek from the wedding I shot with the K5.


It was 105 degrees out! My 540 flash head needed to reset a couple times, I think due to the heat, but other than that the equipment did great! I did have to retouch sweat out of the photos in photoshop!

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