35mm and 50mm

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TFergus Veteran Member • Posts: 6,188
Re: ketchup or mustard ?

wlad wrote:

ketchup or mustard ?

do you need both ? Or prefer one over the other ?

I think it's closer to ketchup or a different brand of ketchup?

I use a 50mm and have never once had a desire for a 35. They are just too close.
Maybe my "indoors" is big enough that I don't feel constrained?

Since the OP has the 35mm, I think the he should put the $100 toward a flash or something else. To me they are too redundant.

I wouldn't say that about all primes, just these 2.

If IQ is important I would look closer at this choice.
Probably sway toward the 50mm.

Now Mustard... that is a whole different story

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