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Re: But is LENR always the answer?

I doubt in-camera LENR is possible in that case. Probably you have to take one 2 min dark exposure first. Then do that 2 hour interval shooting and afterwards in PP subtract the dark frame from all your shots. In principle the camera could do that, too, but I guess LENR has been programmed to take the dark exposure for each and every shot no matter how many equally long exposures you take continuously. Haven't tried that however so someone may correct if I'm wrong.

D Sharp wrote:

Can LENR still be used if you are taking multiple exposures? I like to do star trails and typically run multiple 2 minutes exposures for between 2 and 4 hours with a 1sec pause between exposures. Can the d800 maintain that rate if you have LENR turned on. My current camera (1Ds2) runs out of stream if you leave LENR on and periodically pauses whilst it catches up leaving a large gap in the trails.

I do get a lot of noise running without NR, but nothing like the white dots examples I have seen from D800

My Canon gear is all pretty old, and I was looking at a switch to D800, but this all kind of frustrating.

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