Nikon vs Canon JPeg vibrance

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Nikon vs Canon JPeg vibrance

Hi everyone,

I have a Nikon D4 and a Canon 5D iii. I love the D4 but my clients seem to like jpegs coming out of the 5D much more. The 5D's jpeg colors are lush and almost look freshly painted! Even I find the colors pleasing to the eye. However, as pleasing as they are, the colors are not accurate. Greens and reds are much shinier, vibrant, and saturated from the 5d. However, the D4 represents the actual color and clarity much better.

I prefer capturing what it was but my clients like the touched up and super enhanced photos from the 5D much more. Is there a way or setting to get the D4 to produce lush and vibrant jpegs in camera or will I have to do this in post? I've tried settings in the picture style menus e.g., increasing the saturation but my setting changes are no where near as good as Canon's jpeg processing. Any ideas on how I can match or beat Canon's jpeg engine for lush and embellished pictures?

The central differences between Canon's and Nikon's default jpeg behavior are:

1) Canon noise reduces much more and sacrifices sharpness and detail much more than Nikon. Clients seem to like soft photos more than sharp photos with some noise

2) The Canon's greens and reds jump off the screen and look like they've been freshly painted. When viewing the same nikon picture the nikon colors look overexposed or faded (even though they are more accurate)

These changes result in Canon producing a soft and noise free image with exploding colors. The abundance of colors makes up for/distracts the viewer from the lack of detail and sharpness.

I have Apple Aperture and I'm trying to learn how to better post processing of jpegs but I have not had any luck matching Canon's vibrancy. Do I need Lightroom? Any ideas on how to match the vibrancy?

Here's a link to both a D4 and 5D action shots from Nikon and Canon respectively. They illustrate the color enhancement of Canons.

Canon (orange and blue jump off the screen)

Nikon (very accurate but looks less vibrant and pleasing)

Thanks so much everyone,

Canon EOS 5D Nikon D4
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