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Re: How can you speak for a given persons needs ?

millsart wrote:

How do you know how much (or little) a given person may or may not shoot video with a given camera ?

That's not what he is saying. He says that they "do not have a primary intention of video" with those cameras, not that they not shoot video at all with it. Since all camcorders can shoot stills (or at least those I know), it is logical that if the PRIMARY intention is to shoot video those with that need buy a camcorder first and use it as occasional still image camera when needed. Going the other way is crazy, especially since the RX100 neither has a VF, nor a swivel screen or an external mike input, so to use it as a primary video cam is not very cleaver.

For some users, no, video isn't important

For others, its not the sole purpose of the camera but if it also can't do good video, its a no go.


For some users noisy shutter like the OMD has is, or would be, a show stopper... IBIS or no IBIS, who cares?

snapshot09 wrote:

Most people buying the RX100, as well as the upcoming LX7 do not have a primary intention of video, for that there are camcorders.

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