So T4i > Sony A65?

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Re: Big Mistake picking Sony over Nikon

Fooshnik wrote:

Sam147 wrote:

Cgarrard, no wonder hardly anyone visits his sites besides him. What an anecdotal conclusion after comparing an apple with a red orange. Any A77 buyer is well informed about its underwhelming low light performance. The camera is meant for different purposes. The Noise performance isn't worst, but it isn't great either. Any non ignorant mind knows that today's Canon sensors are way behind Sony sensors and they have some catching up to do in that department. Talk about DR, color depth? compare portraits? red channels? Skin tones? Landscapes? A77's IQ at low ISO blows away the competition. I am not a fanboy, I would like to believe i am a brand agnostic. A smart person makes most of all the brands. I've previously used t2i, D5000, D90 and now the A57.

I wasn't aware the A77 box included the text "This Camera Sucks At High ISO".

And a lot of people find the EVF nauseating, less useful in bright sunlight and annoying for action. But that could just be a personal preference.

I think its funny you writes a lot of people:-D thats humor. Or wait. Maybe you asked "a lot of people".

Kind regards


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