Set AE-L button to AF-ON Question

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Mako2011 wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

While all of those are for sure true, there are a couple drawbacks:

-no VR with AF-ON (this has been fixed on the D4 and D800, wish they'd do a firmware update for all the rest of the cameras). This doesn't seem like a big deal, but try hand-hold a 500mm, 5 pound lens all day, trying to nail focus targets, and you'll see why VR helps.

Very much agree with your input on this one. I would love to see a menu setting to tie/untie it to the AF-ON button. There are times towards the end of a battery where I would like to untie it from AF-ON to save battery.

-for MANY people, using the AF/AE LOCK button on these smaller bodies promotes a MUCH less than ideal grip - myself included. The dedicated AF-ON button on my D300 does not present this problem, it's placed very nicely.

Totally agree here also. I've had to adapt my hold to maintain the same stability (used to it now)....which has the side effect of making my thumb joints more flexible. Hope the doesn't lead to more arthritis

No, but the girls will love you. Hehe.

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