Panasonic is falling behind with LX7!...

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steve ohlhaber Regular Member • Posts: 461
smaller sensor??? there is a direction nobody wants to go

If you are already in daylight, that advantage evaporates. If you really are shooting mostly in low light, then maybe its all about the lens and everything else is irrelevant. Thats the only crowd this should appeal to as a bigger sensor will slaughter any small sensor camera when you can use the base ISO. The bigger sensor probably will give good results up to a point even if the lens is slower. It may never show a weakness if its an exmor. The rx100 is probably going to be the king. Easily it will crush the tiny lx7 in base iso shooting. The Gx1 will probably hold the top spot just due to the biggest sensor size. For video, its hard to say who would win at base iso, but I assume lx7 will be a distance third. Having manual controls means you can tripod out the p&s use base iso and get some real quality shots. The lx7 wont be able to compete against any of that.

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