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Re: Rx100 vs older camcorders

"just wondering if the rx100 trumps slightly older camcorders. I have a handycam HDR-TG7 and trying to figure out if I should sell it and put towards the RX100.

Heres what it looks like:


It's about 2/3 years old now but I still love the form factor and it's simplicity. I assume the audio would still be better even on an old camcorder and the zooming probably easier but for IQ I am interested in how it compares. From the specs my camcorder has I think16Mbps recording at 1080i so apart from progressive and a slightly higher bitrate I am not sure the RX100 would be so much better?

Perhaps some of you could help me? "

There is a perfect replacement for you: The new Sony HDR-GW77. It has the exact same form-factor as the TG7, but the performance is way superior in the quality of the video, the zoom, the audio - evrything. It does 108060p ar 28Mbps. It's video is superior (except perhaps in very dim light) to the RX100 in the form factor you like (and it is waterproof!).

See the GW77 thread on this camera in the forum on "Digital Video." There are example videos there that you can download.

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