New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: horizontal banding and the faulty body

The auto lighting optimizer feature tries to equalize the exposure somehow. I'm not a science nerd, so I probably have that wrong. I just use my cameras and don't think about the science that much. Anywho, it can push the exposure and bring up banding or read noise or whatever the science fair crowd is calling it these days. However, turning it off is no guarantee that you won't see any either. It's just a good practice to turn it off when noise starts to crop up when unexpected.

What I have found is the best thing to do with the 5DMkII is use higher ISO. The 5DMkII is very clean at ISO800, so I would imagine the 5DMkIII is even better. At some point there are of course diminishing returns with high ISO, detail loss, introduction of chroma noise, and so on, but it generally remains plenty clean through ISO 800. Everyone has different requirements though, so that may not be the answer. I would however start with getting into your camera menu system and turning that auto lighting optimizer off. It could help. And if you leave it on, you can turn it off in DPP and save the file before you move it to some other software environment for further editing. I don't use light room so I have no idea if it is aware of auto lighting optimizer and if it can be turned off inside LR in the RAW editor. If it can, you can obviously skip the DPP step.

It took me so long to get back to this and write it up, I would imagine someon else has already covered it along with highlight tone priority.

Anyway, good luck. You can figure the camera out. It's different from its predecessors, and little less forgiving at times, but produces excellent stuff when all the ducks are in a row.

bigbadlemon wrote:

this is what I was looking for - does the Auto Dynamic what-ever-it's-called basically mess up the RAW files? is there any more informed breakdown on this, how, when , why etc?

and thx!

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