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R2D2 wrote:

If you really are serious about filming (using a DSLR), then I'd highly recommend using already established pro techniques (such as manual exposure/manual focus, etc). IMHO the automatic features (even on the new T4i) are really meant for amateur videos. For instance AF Tracking can easily get lost, and there goes your entire Take.

Of course, I am serious. These projects will be entered into competition and my reputation will be attached to them whether they fail or succeed. I am a professional actor and will only put that level of effort into everything I do. I'm not into multiple takes. Its a waste of time, in my opinion - time which is better spent setting up my shot. I'll be buying a follow focus rig and matte box. As I have not experimented with the AF tracking on a DSLR I will learn as I go.

And I see waaay too many videos on YouTube or even News and Sports channels where the focus is just off playing with itself somewhere. How many times have you noticed that the face of the person being shot is all blurry, and the focus is there on the background!!! Drives me crazy.

Yeah, it drives me crazy too. I watch a lot of ESPN, as well as HULU and have come across a lot of the extras material that goes along with it (Blake Griffin's monster dunks, actress interviews, etc.) which have been done with the shoddiest of attention to detail regarding focus. It makes me want to shoot my screen. How the hell did somebody get a job at a professional network doing this type of stuff? I feel you on that one.

Well, sorry about the rant. I do hope you find a good solution.


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