Please help: Struggling with Canon 300hs and SD cards

Started Jul 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Please help: Struggling with Canon 300hs and SD cards

I presume that you checked the SD card to make sure that the lock is off.

Have you tried using Canon's proprietary Zoombrowser software to load the pictures onto the camera (instead of loading the pictures onto the SD card directly from your PC)?

Have you tried switching the photo File Numbering system from the camera's menu, from AUTO RESET to CONTINUOUS or vice versa? (It shouldn't make a difference, AFAIK, but it's worth a try.)

Have you tried unlocking the photos first (before loading the pictures onto the camera), then checking to see if the images are present on the camera? (Maybe there is something about the locked pictures and the new SD card photonumbering system that needs to be imprinted for the camera to recognize. You can re-lock the pictures after the camera has recognized the photos.)

Good luck!

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