New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

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Re: New Canon 5d mk3 horizontal banding at iso200 - faulty body?

bigbadlemon wrote:

Here we are, one from the 5d classic at ISO 800/1600 ( I think) - the other 5d mk3 at ISO200. Look at the hair and shadows - clear banding all way, I think you'll agree.

The first (mk3) looks far worse. thoughts? solutions?

Any thoughts? Yep.

Take 2 pictures of exactly the same scene (better not to waste money on a model), in a controlled environment (=studio) with the same lens and all other params identical.

Because you use 2 shots a couple of months apart, meaning you have no way of certifying you (or the 5DIII) weren't underexposing.

The above put aside, I have had the faint suspicion from the test pictures posted all over internet that the 5DIII slightly underexposes (by .5 to .66 of a stop) if you compare it to the 5DII; this would potentially explain the banding...

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