Sonyrewards is selling the A77 with 16-50mm lens for $1500

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Re: Sonyrewards is selling the A77 with 16-50mm lens for $1500

If you pop that lens on the A77 turn on focus peaking, and DMF and use the EVF. You'll be done. Lawl. DONE!!!

cruzcat01 wrote:

I completely understand how much better the A77 is compared to the A57 and have seen some wonderful pictures posted on this forum that were shot with the A77. I tried it out for a while at the local retailer before springing for the A57 and found the A77 OLED EVF to be brilliant.

I have no illusions about my capability as a photographer at this point and mostly use the camera to document and preserve the memories of my Son's childhood. I was upgrading to the A57 from a A350 which I had for ~ 4 years. I feel the A57 is more than a capable tool for my requirements and I will probably benefit more with a better lens which is why I wanted the 16-50mm lens.

In 2-3 years when I outgrow the A57 I can always purchase the next evolutionary camera from Sony.

Having said this, I am really really tempted to take the A77 out of the packaging and play with it for a bit but afraid that once I take it out of the box all rational arguments will be thrown out of the window and will be difficult to part with the A77.

So the best way is to try and keep away from the A77 for now. Not sure how long I will be able to restrain myself

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