Set AE-L button to AF-ON Question

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Anything that helps

Edmund17 wrote:

I returned from Spain a few days ago where I shot several hundred pictures with diverse weather and light conditions and I always used the back-button focus; upon reviewing them I’m more than happy that about 90% look OK and this is much better than last time with a D300 and the same 18-200VRII. Besides this, big surprise yesterday when I tried some shots after moving to the jonikon settings (normal shutter/focus) and I discovered than now I’m used to the back-button technique, so I’m not giving up now…..

Anything that improves your keeper rate...I'm happy about. Many have found that once mastered, back-button focus is hard to give up. Still not for everyone. And jonikon's techniques are excellent for many.

BTW: I'm right eye dominate too when shooting rifles (just target shooting, never animals) but I see much better with my left eye so in my case it could be more than the ocular dominance predisposition. I agree about "left eye" camera bodies or to allow more flexible ways to customize controls and buttons (I’m still tempted to disassembly and modify my D7000 but then probably a newer D7K version will become available

Good luck in everything and thank you for taking the time to update.

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