RX100 video IQ impressive

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Re: RX100 video IQ impressive

Markr041 wrote:

"The problem with your argument is a consumer video camera like a Canon VIXIA or Panasonic HS900 does not have higher quality video than the RX100."

I am sorry, this is simply NOT true. You can assert this over and over, but there are tests on slascam.de that show you why you are wrong, for example. The RX100 does have some great advantages - full manual control of video in a small package, nice perfromance in low light at wide-angle, but it is simply silly to keep asserting something that is not true.

If you think the RX100 has the same video quality in good light, great - makes you a happy owner. But all you can do is say YOU do not see a difference.

You obviously didn't read the EOSHD review I posted.

I have a Canon VIXIA m41 and the video quality is OK but it's interlaced as opposed to 1080p60 from the RX100. And VIXIA image is full of aliasing issues which are not present in the RX100. And full manual control is not just an advantage but a requirement for any serious video work. You need at least a GH2 or FS100 to get similar performance to the RX100. Consumer camcorders are convenient but most are terrible in low light with deep DOF making any subject to background separation impossible.

Anyway watch the video again and feel free to post a better sample from a consumer camcorder.

RX100 Video Sample

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