FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

I don't know if the FZ150 owners will see the advantage of upgrading to this camera or not. I think that price will be a big consideration and of course the picture quality. I do doubt that Panasonic will change cameras every year (they may) as they are getting to where they produce very good quality with the cameras that they are producing in the last 2 cameras that they have come out with. As far as people stating that they want a bigger sensor, I think that will not happen since the lens size would have to also be a lot larger to adjust for that larger sensor, making the camera heavier and more $$$. The larger sensor sizes will go to the interchangable lens cameras so people can pick the lenses they want to adjust for the size and weight they want. The current FZ cameras are full of features, have far reaching lenses, are fairly lite, produce good quality pics and by my opinion are blowing the doors off of the competition. The tests that I see on the other crossover cameras are always being compaired to the Panasonic FZ's. Statements like "this camera is quite good, but if you want great picture quality go with the FZ150". Nice going Panasonic!

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