People Photography - emotional connection

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Re: People Photography - emotional connection

I agree with the statement overall, but just do not agree with the gender. It doesn't make any difference, only your approach and personality, your social skills.

Marc Lorenz wrote:

I came to realize that when I did photos at a party where I was a stranger to most people. I did many shots of people and groups, then I handled the camera over to a girl friend of mine who knows nothing about photography, well I put the right settings before.

Anyway in the end all pictures she shot were great, just because the people reacted to her in a much more positive way. There were natural smiles and not a hint of suspicion, in contrast to the photos I did, the reactions of the people were more reserved.

So my conclusion is, if you make social kind of photos it helps greatly if you are a hot girl, lol.

I'm not exactly creep, but people react less suspicious if a cute girl approaches them asking to look into the camera, this seems to be true for both sexes.
So I guess girls are the better people photographers.

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