Just thought I'd show......HS20 (2 images)

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Re: Just thought I'd show......HS20 (2 images)--Hi Doug (new)

Hi Doug, You are a good friend and please know I am not blowing smoke when I tell you what I think of Your images. I did not say these are perfect images. I thought then and I still think these two images were nicely captured. Of course I see the shadow detail issues and some other things not perfect. And I can totally understand your frustration with the EXR digicams. They do have a difficult learning curve especially when you have as little time as you do because of your always being away traveling with your truck delivery schedule.

I wrote a note to You and Kim L. where he might be willing to direct You to some of his previous work on these HSxxEXR digicams of Fuji.

Heck and You and Kim L both being from Canada might make for some harmony where he might refer you to some great settings to see if your HS20EXR could possibly make fine music for your eyes providing the camera is optically and mechanically up to factory default conditions at least.

I just hope it all works out for you. And I meant what I said I do enjoy your photography. And I am not a world class critic when it comes to photography. Yet I know what I enjoy and it does not have to be perfect for me to enjoy it.

All the best my friend and I hope that is more clear. Onwards and upwards for all of our photography.

Gary N W SFO

Baseman wrote:

Gary N W wrote:

I really do enjoy these 2 images. I think they are really nicely captured and without any PP absolutely amazing. You never fail and please know I have always enjoyed your images and movies due to your straight forward creativity in everything you do photographically speaking.

Quite honestly I have missed seeing your work lately and hope you will come back and post more images as your time and inclination provide.

All the best to You and Yours Doug,

Gary N W SFO PS Be Well, too.

Thanx Gary. Your comments are always welcome

Sometimes though I feel not worthy of your praise, but their still welcomed

And quite honestly I haven't had the camera out of the bag much lately. I'm not as happy with the results as I first hoped this camera would produce, IQ wise. And I don't have the time to process RAW files.

I find it takes great pictures of gritty things like sand or rust. But point it at a cloudless blue sky and the picture won't be a smooth blue. Somehow this camera puts that damn water colour effect into all it's images ruining the fine detail. That is what discourages and disappoints me

I have been watching the DSLR's and hoping one day I can afford one of the big boys. But that day seems to be a long time off......

Sadly I feel this will be my last Fujifilm. Despite the apparent success of the new lineup of Fuji cameras, I'm not going to take that step again.

Thanx again Gary. All my best to you and Betty

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