Fujifilm x10 or Olympus E-P3

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Re: Fujifilm x10 or Olympus E-P3

As you're new to photography I recommend a P&S or a travelzoom. If you worried about the image quality check out dpreview images. You can compare cameras output of the same image on your home system.

Modern camera's image quality exceeds the output quality of most consumer options. I find dpreviews image comparison to be an excellent way to tell if the output is right for your monitor/printer setup.

Operational issues are more likely to bug you than image quality so pay attention to the reviewers overall happiness while using the camera. Seldom do you read Fuji is a joy to use. Oly's are a mixed bag so spend time on the micro 4/3rds forum to gain some experience before you drop the cash.

Finally my guess is you will be most happy with the Nikon V1. It is fast and easy to use. The biggest caveat concerns the future as it is probably a dead system with limited growth potential.


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