Lx7 vs Lx5 vs RX100 JPEG Engine compared!!!

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Re: Lx7 vs Lx5 vs RX100 JPEG Engine compared!!!

swhs wrote:

This is nonsense. Development of cameras and most complex products, takes years. If Sony had shown it half a year ago, the others could not have responded within lets say at the very least, being incredibly optimistic, 1.5 years.

Well I dont know about that. I have never worked in the camera industry. I suppose if they buy a sensor from another company then they would only have to develop the lens for it and of course the body and the software (that are both usually recycled or based upon previous models and less work).

So possibly sony could sell their 1" sensor to other companies like it did so many times with the 1/2.3" backlit sensors. The same thing happened with ZX-1, olympus bought the sensor from panasonic (LX5) and only created the lens system.

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