2 Online stores selling X100 for $900 !

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Re: 2 Online stores selling X100 for $900 !

One advice, Whatever you do, DON'T BUY GREY MARKET X100.

For other cameras, grey market won't matter so much. But X100 is different. We all know X100 is wonderful, but its SAB is real and happened to many x100s, mine included. I bought it used from FM. It is a US model and I have the original purchaser's receipt. After mine developed SAB 6 months into my ownership, I called Fujifilm USA, first thing they checked is whether it is a USA model based on the serial no. Once they determined it is a USA model, they said, no problem, just ship it with the receipt. They don't care who the receipt is to. But they do care if it is USA model. They replaced the lens unit and now it is working perfectly. I am keeping it and have sold my Nex-7. This is how much I like X100.

I read from this forum about Fujifilm charging $700 for fixing grey market X100's SAB.

notdarkyet wrote:

42nd street photo and AJ Richies. ...........Any opiniopn as to how these 2 stores are offering new x100.s at around $900 each? Sounds fishy?

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