Artefact issue with Helicon filter 5

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Re: Artefact issue with Helicon filter 5

Charuteiro wrote:

Man, this is like a Thomas Tank Engine story from the Island of Sodor...

Yeah, I noticed the colour change from red to orange after tone mapping in OPE. I'm not certain what causes it. The OPE RAF conversion shows red, but tone mapping either manually or with preset, e.g. .,Raw Recovery, changes the colour. I think OPE may use DCRAW or similar algorithm for its Raw converter as the orange dots appear in the jacket and the locomotive front panel is red as with a direct conversion to a TIFF file with DCRAW.exe. I adjusted the Hue/Luminance in OPE and the red reappears, but also affects the jacket colour somewhat.

Yes the colour changes are strange, but I am not expert in software algorithms in this matter, so I don't dare assert the cause of this. If you will find the root cause and way to avoid such colour changes, it would be certainly interesting for people who use the same software. Good luck

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