Do sensors perform best at slow or fast shutter speeds?

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Re: Do sensors perform best at slow or fast shutter speeds?

Take a few shots of your cameras body cap while on camera with different shutter speeds set manually AT THE ISO you want to use.
Increase "exposure" to the maximum in LR or whatever program you are using.
Look at the noise. Is it the same? Is one better than the other?

This might vary from camera to camera and ISO to ISO and depending on exposure time.

From the side of physics:

Too long an exposure might cause problems because sensor might heat (happend in my Kodak---the camera issued a warning if recommended time was exceeded).

Too short an exposure might in theory result in an increase of influence of certain reasons for noise as well.

Most likely there is an optimum. Most likely it is fairly broad with respect to exposure time.

Also: keep in mind that CONTRAST and RESOLUTION of a lens will vary with aperture- just look at the MTF-charts.

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