Cost analysis, why photography is too expensive

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Re: Cost analysis, why photography is too expensive

You really are a proper troll. Your posts are nothing but inflammatory rants fuelled by some sort of basis that yours is the last word where in truth your facts are nothing but pure conjecture and your denial of the hideous production problems Nikon are having does nothing to help the situation. You're just baiting people over and over with this repeat crap. Welcome to my ignore list...

Nippondenso wrote:

After doing a cost analysis and following market trends for over a decade I have cracked the enigma of photographic gear pricing. Years back when be paid $5,000 for our body we got cutting edge technology with rugged build quality. Now the trend seems to downsample everything from build quality feature sets. Do I blame Nikon and Canon for employing cost cutting measures at the expense of customer satisfaction? Hell no! The reason why is obvious. With every new product release we see a flood of complaints about metal flakes in lenses that turned out to be an optical illusion. Misfocusing lenses that turned out to be user error. The list goes on. People buying multiple samples to cherry pick or just to simply play with an item until the return period is about to run out. The free rental isn't free. Someone has to pay for this. We the honest consumer thathas to pay $6,000 for the D4 when it should have only been $5,000. Yep, I get to pay an extra $1,000 so you can play games with the merchandise. Some will say it is the Dollar/Yen ratio. I say no way, it's the greedy selfcentered individuals that abuse the system that ruin it for everyone else. This AF issue will pass and be remembered as another internet smear campaign agianst Nikon that has no basis of reality or truth.

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