FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

Well I just got the FZ150 only a week ago, and now it's being superceded?! Oh well, at least for a few days I had the state-of-the-art! Wonder if they've done anything in the focus department? Specifically, I'd like to see spot focusing combined with focus tracking--and be able to accomplish this on the fly (for birds in flight). Once the camera is set to minimal size spot focus, I wish it would stay there--even if the camera is turned off. Another thing I'd like to see is easier manual focus--would love to have the Fujifilm type setup for focusing and zooming. Kudos for the new EVF, but I wonder why they didn't up the dots on the flip out screen--maybe even with touch screen control? Maybe some of those features will be on the FZ250 which probably won't come out until I get the FZ200!

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