FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Re: FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

While tempting on paper, I don't just think there's enough to make me want to spend more money on it. The viewfinder upgrade is nice, but I do OK with my current one. They didn't fix what I really wanted - much larger - rubber cushion.

I have yet to have ANY issues with pictures being out of focus on the long end due to shutter speed issues using the 5.2A. Of course, the additional 1 2/3 F stops is cool, but.... I'd like to see tons of pictures of subjects taken at F 2.8 at 600mm vs 5.2 at 600mm to see any Bokeh effect or other differences. It's gotta be a hell of an improvement to lay out probably $200+ more after selling a FZ150.

32x intelligent zoom vs. 48x intelligent zoom - tempting I admit, but....

Shutter speed 1/4000 instead of 1/2000...don't know I care.

I personally would've rather seen F 2.0 or bigger sensor.

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