Comparing bad high ISO results - ISO 3200 vs ISO 3200

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Re: honourable

TrojMacReady wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

"Completely irrelevant.."

To you.

And knowing your history with my posts, you'll argue anything I say unless it agrees with your conclusions until this thread runs out of posts available. It's bordering the highest level of harassment possible. I know and accept your opinion, only fair and honorable to accept mine.

That's hilarious coming from someone with several troll accounts, used to harass and call names. In fact, you called me names on several occasions, "honourable" methods I'll stay shy of.

Now, now. You cannot possibly be speaking of Carl Garrard. For - as Mark Anthony (the Roman general - not JLo's ex-husband, though probably he as well) would never have gotten tired to stress - Carl is an honourable man.

As he himself someone once remarked, Carl "is a real photog that mixes in reviews from a two sides of the fence standpoint. Not always the longest reviews but he gets to the crux of the matter. Affable and engaging, honest stuff ."

But then again: "Denial is the greatest human weakness." (C. Garrard).

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