Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Piece of cake!!!

il_alexk wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Estimating their market share to one camera is a fair opinion, and not a foolish attempt to ridicule them?

Sarcasm and verbal irony are proper rhetorical techniques invented by Greeks.

You changed your mind, now it's not "a fair opinion" but "proper rhetorical techniques"?
Who invented trolling, by the way?

Trolls these days... spilling out tons of BS with such a straight face, and expecting people to believe them...

Personal assault, right...

Nope; just calling things for what they are. With "fair opinions" like yours, expect some reaction - and not necessarily appreciative ones.
I'm sick of all the negativity, maintained by few very bored people.

"Silly boy"? Are you trying to say you're a grumpy old man? How old are you, 90?

No, but inability to see sarcasm and irony, as well as using silly personal assaults in debates is more typical for kids than for adults.

I have no doubts you thought it's very smart and mature, that "fair opinion" of yours. You'd like everyone to join you into spilling BS about Pentax, and you'd get mad if you don't get the desired reactions.
Which pretty much shows who is the childish one.


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