Anyone use Pixelmator as external Aperture editor?

Started Jul 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tony 3d
Tony 3d Contributing Member • Posts: 641
Re: Anyone use Pixelmator as external Aperture editor?

Steven Wandy wrote:

I saw that Pixelmator was recently updated in the Mac App store.

I have never used it before - currently using Photoshop Elements 10 as my external editor for Aperture.
Anyone use it? Any preferences/negatives vs. Photoshop Elements?

I know I can download the 30 day trial (actually did already) just wanted some opinions from anyone who has used it for a while.
Thanks, Steve

I use Pixelmator to touch up my 3d renderings. I have found a bug that creates jagged edges when saving an image with an alpha channel. This makes it pretty useless to me. I have reported the bug, and they claim they are working on it. That was several months ago. The latest update does not reflect a fix.

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