UK VAT and Cewe Photobooks

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Re: UK VAT and Cewe Photobooks

Most of my work is weddings, so most of my customers are individuals. I make sure I stay below the UK threshold for VAT, so I am not VAT registered. It makes a big difference to me then, when I am charged 20% VAT on Photobooks. It won't increase my overall profitability by an enourmous amount, but my bookings are also down this year by 15%, so every little helps.

The books ARE photobooks with every page 'printed' onto paper (including the covers,) and they are then bound into a proper book. Neither are they wire bound which I understand does attract VAT at 20%.

I also think that they may be breaking the law as another post suggested.

What really annoys me is the lack of communication on the subject. As yet no one has replied to my post on their Facebook site.There's also the fact that the 20% must be going somehwere. Not charging VAT would reduce the cost of a 50 page standard book from about £40 to £32.

If I hear from them I'll update the post.

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