Nex-7 + Sigma EM-140 DG

Started Jun 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Got this working - w/samples

Link -

Update - I found a mounting solution to get this uploaded, specifically it was my own fault, I was being dumb and needed a step up ring instead of a step down one, lolz, queue a walk around London to the only one shop that actually had one, but once found it mounted fine.

Anyway - here are some shots I took with the combo. They aren't particularly good ones or anything, partly because I've noticed a strange shadowing around my little test dummy, it almost has the appearance of a ghosting effect, like two overlaid exposures.

Therefore I wouldn't call it a ring flash effect, as the shadows don't blend away, they are just there in the background, awkwardly. I don't think I'm going to keep the flash therefore, it's expensive and doesn't seem very good so far!

It also overexposes compared to the 43AM flash, which gives a more reliable exposure. Obviously they are designed to provide a different image, the 43AM gives a more glossy image vs the supposed more rounded ring flash image, but the Sigma for me just doesn't get it right.

I do like even low contrast, almost forensic, images, but I can't say I'd rely on the Sigma to do the job atm. Suggestions welcomed!

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