Disaster struck!

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Disaster struck!

So last night I was roped in to being the official photographer at my daughters end of year school leaving party. It was a themed night and a lot of people had gone to a lot of trouble to prepare the evening to make the leaving party special.

So a week before I start to prepare.

I have a 60D, 24-105 F4, 35mm F2 and a Sigma 10-20.

I wasn't comfortable with any of these for this function as I knew a lot would be inside and dark and I might not want to always use flash. So I discuss with my camera store and they agree to trial me a 17-55. So that is that sorted.

So I then borrow my brother's 60D as a spare in case my body malfunctions together with his battery as a spare. I use a 430 ex with Sanyo eneloops and again my brother has the same so I borrow his as a backup.

So that's it. Spare body, spare battery, spare flash and batteries, what can go wrong that I'm not prepared for?

We're about half way through the evening, I'm shooting Raw + jpg and I've taken about 300 photos. My camera is telling me I have 650 photos remaining on my 32GB verbatim SD card and it started out at around 950.

I take a photo, preview it and my screen is showing me that it is the 4th of 4 photos. I scroll through and sure enough just 4 photos (the last 4 shots only) are being displayed. I got into the menu to check the folder storage structure and there are two folders displayed each having 2 photos in each. Now I am starting to panic! My camera is still reporting though that I have 650 shots remaining and 23gb remaining out of 32GB. So where the he'll us the data and what do I do with half the evening still remaining.

Fortunately my brother lives just around the corner from the school. So I whizz round to his house, pop the SD card into his pc and again just two folders and 4 shots are displayed but again it reports 12gb of used space!

So we start googling. Things like "photos lost on SD card" and we stumble across Wondershare Photo Recovery software and download a trial. It's going to take an hour to scan the card so I whizz back to the school with another card to carry on shooting and hope for the best. An hour later I get a text, all recovered, 250 raw and jpg files now saved to the hard drive.

3 things I learned last night.

1. In future use multiple sd cards.

2. I much prefer the versatility of the 17-55 over my 24-105 on the 60D and it is sharper with better colouring. I will be keeping it and selling my 24-105
3. I would never, ever want to be a wedding photographer after this experience!

Canon EOS 60D
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