D200 user thinking of 5D MKII

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Re: D200 user thinking of 5D MKII

Having owned both the D200 and the 5D-II, I think a 5D-II plus adapters is your worst option possible...

shigzeo ? wrote:

I ask this question for a number of reasons:

1. I shoot product photography almost for a living.
2. All my lenses are Nikkor prime AiS lenses.

These lenses are going to show their age on a 20+ MP full frame body.

3. I need sharp, and high resolution for print and web.

Web? Any DSLR is overkill for web.

4. I don't want to spend too much.

Currently, the 5DMKII is going for 150.000 in Japan, which is probably about 2000$ in USD. As mentioned above, all my lenses are AiS lenses. I rely on the rangefinder in the Nikon D200/D700, and understand that one isn't built into the Canon camera unless you get special adapters.

Do these adapters have to be done for each lens?

Or, can one adapter work for many lenses?

Do the adapters have to be made for each focal length?

No, one adapter will work with all, but changing he adapter each lens change is a hassle.

Plus the microchip used to do the rangefinder focus is very unreliable, and a very bad idea to rely on professionally.

I've found the viewfinder for the 5DMKII a bit dim, but I've been working with a D200 for a long time, so I assume I'll get on fine.

Please, any suggestions/problems with my thinking please mention here. I'm in a quandary: don't want a heavy D200/700/800 style camera.

I have news for you, all the cameras mentioned are about the same size and weight, including the 5D-II.

The only size and weight differences you will really notice are going down to a crop body like a D5100 or up to a larger D3/1D style body.

Don't need fully sealed or metallic body (otherwise wouldn't look at the 5DMKII), but need rangefinder focus assist as my eyes aren't perfect.

My lenses:
28 2,8 AiS (may upgrade to 28 2,0 Ai)
35 2,0 Ai
105 2,5 Ai (may change to 105 2,8 AiS Makro or Zeiss 100/2 in Nikon mount)
180 2,8 AiS

I will NOT change to canon mount as all my wife's cameras and my film cameras are Nikon. The only Canon camera I own is the Canon P rangefinder. So, I am looking for a BACK only for my Nikkor lenses.

I understand the D600 will come out, but I'm not prepared to get it if it:
1. is vapour
2. has the same poor viewfinder as D200

D200 is crop, D600 will be full frame, big difference in viewfinders. Of course, the D600 is vapour right now.

But you sound like a candidate for using Live view more than rangefinder focus.

3. costs more than 200.000¥
4. weighs as much or more than my D200

Probably out of luck here - you will not get a full frame camera significantly smaller and lighter than the D200.

Having shot with mostly Nikon lenses on a Canon 5D-II for two years, I highly recommend you stick with Nikon, or change completely to Canon. I did it because there were no sub-$9000 20+ MP Nikon cameras until the D800. Shortly, you will have multiple options on Nikon.

It sounds like the D600 or a D7000 is your sensible option.

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