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Re: Keeping different subjects separate.

assaft wrote:

coroander wrote:

Except on the OM-D, where the histograms aren't useful and all we have are blinkies (which don't give us the per channel info needed).

Indeed, per-channel info is unavailable in real time but except for sending a feature request to Olympus I don't know what else we can do. I wish it was possible to improve the firmware by an SDK (from Oly) but this will never happen.

I agree; it would be nice if Olympus could do something to make the histograms, both LV and post-shot, more meaningful and informative. I'm getting pretty good at keeping things quite properly in bounds, but it's because of my increasing experience at assessing the interaction of the exposure indicators with the scene -- not because the histograms are worth a damn. They can have null gaps in the middle (where there is clearly lots of substance in fact) as well as at the ends, where the gaps can be highly misleading.

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