K-r and soft-focus issue

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Re: Update: K-r back from repair

Hi Tim,

I suspect that the reason some people say their Kr is OK is because, like me, they are not camera hypochondriacs or pixel peepers and so it took me a long time to confirm or admit there was a problem. I've had the Kr almost a year and assumed all the complainers were incompetent amateurs. But for the past few months something didn't seem right to me. I couldn't put my finger on it but the images looked inferior some how. I was blaming it on the Sigma lens I used 90% of the time on this camera. Then I did some serious testing and started comparing the images to those taken with my K-5 or K2000 and was shocked to see the difference in sharpness.

I was especially shocked to see the difference between AF vs. Live View focus vs. manual focus. Focus was perfect with the latter two modes.

Tim A2 wrote:

My understanding is that it is a defect in all Kr cameras, even though there are some who say theirs is OK. There might be an explanation for that, but I would think if Pentax could fix it they would or why would they fix just a few and not the rest. They took a big PR hit with this fiasco because they could not fix it.

Mine went back and was not fixed either. As tungsten bulbs get replaced with flourescent it is less of a problem. I just use manual focus or live view on the few occasions I need to. It is a front focus problem. I have a floor lamp with both tungsten and florescent bulbs. With the tungsten the camera autofocus front focuses on a chart that shows front and back focus. With the flourescent light the focus is as it should be.


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