Nikon DSLR User to Micro 4/3

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Re: Nikon DSLR User to Micro 4/3

Don't get me wrong -- I love the D4 and D800 -- the D4 is just pure bliss to use at 10 fps and the dynamic range is crazy awesome ... also, no worries shooting up to 12,800 ISO (confidence), and D800 pictures are astonishing in detail. I send my D800 pictures to Adorama to print large and hang up on the walls of my apartment. And all my old and new Nikkor glass has its proper FOV.

I just wanted something to carry around all day, low key, but gives me better quality than my iPhone 4s ... so it was Leica's M9-P (wife prohibited me after purchase of D4 and D800), Sony NEX-7 (w/ Zeiss is really expensive too, but camera felt plasticky and built in China or Thailand), or Olympus/Panasonic -- and to be truthful, just really liked the look of the GX-1 more. I was a bit astonished by the quality of the pictures, esp. at low ISOs, but not too bad for a 2x crop factor at high ISOs.

Everyone here is very supportive and so thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement. I'm not a pro photog despite having pro gear ... I'm really working hard on making good pictures ... but the more I know, the less I keep. I used to keep all the pictures I shot, but now with every 2,000 shots, I think I am lucky if I kept 50. But, I can't blame the equipment?!?

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