Nikon D800E with 14-24

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Re: Just Tried It On My D800/14-24

Hi Dana,

The near side of the wooden bench looks like the focal point. There is abundant detail in the twig sticking out over the bench, and in nearby foliage. And I have to say that this looks correct to me as far as the expected behavior of the lens.

Unlike the UWA lenses of old, this lens requires more in the way of planning. For some reason, slight errors in focus are much more noticeable on the 14-24 than they are on historic lenses.

Perhaps it is in contrast to its native sharpness that out of focus regions look more out of focus. But when things are slightly out, they look out on this lens. In this case, it might be the fact that you are focusing rather close to the lens, and the depth-of-field at that distance isn't that much.

Dana wrote:

Yes. It is definitely focusing with a half push of the remote cable button. At this point, I don't know whether it is a lens issue or a camera issue. The only other lens I have to test is the older 24-85 and when I check focus through LV with both set at 24mm and enlarge the image to max size and alternate between AF and manual focus, they both look about as sharp. This surprises me as I would think the 14-24 should be have better sharpness. Am I wrong?

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