Why do professionals love the D800

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Re: 90%?

Emacs23 wrote:

I don't care what anybody says about the D800 there's no way it's as good as the D3s or D4 at high ISO.

DXO measurements shows it's about as good as D4. It means you will have about the same IQ with proper PP (and better than 5d mk III). One approach is to use topaz denoise.

Read what you wrote and tell me that the D800 is as good as the D3s and D4 at high ISO. I'm talking about straight out of the camera unprocessed images. If you can process a D800 image to make it look close to a D3s or D4 image would you not think that with similar processing that the D3s or D4 image could be made to look that much better as well? I don't own a D800 and I have not even seen one but I've seen lots of pics from the D800. It's a very impressive camera for the price but I would make a guess and say that it's high ISO image quality is similar to that of the D3 which I also owned. Which of these cameras do you personally own? If you do own a D800 please post some unprocessed full frame crops at ISO 6400 and up. And if you also own a D3s and/or a D4 post similar shots from these cameras. Maybe after seeing these shots I will change my opinion.

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