Sony RX100 Racks Up Two More Stellar Reviews

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Re: Snapshot, get over yourself


I am snoring on that one, And Franz's one as well, we now G1X is great , i think everyone heard it loud and clear, agreed why do we need eternal debate this one is better than this...., Canon has some stellar camera, no doubt.

I think it is no small feat to pack so much in such small camera, and that ! My friends , this is great,competition may show up, but for now this is great

Probably frustration,is coming from people that are coming from Canon forum and pound everyone on how great their G1X cameras are and that sony is soooo Not the best ....

Peter Bendheim wrote:

I come to this forum from time to time to see how the RX100 is doing. I have one on order but it wont be available in South Africa for a few months. Professionally I use Nikon, but I'm working on a big exhibition using only the G1x.

It's the first non-DSLR (other than a Leica) that I have trusted to do professional work.

Now I don't mind if you go round praising the Sony at every turn on every forum you can find with the fervor and fanaticism of a religious zealot, but I have to ask why you have to do that at the expense of another very good camera.

Why can't the RX100 just be a good camera on it's own? Why can it only be good if something else is bad?

They are not even in the same category anyway that's why I will own both.

Your fanaticism comes across as being dismally childish. Like you are a salesperson for Sony.

As far as I recall you don't own either of the two cameras, so why don't you just buy the Sony and go take and post some images. And why do you have such issues with the Gx1 - I bet you've never done more than held it for 30 secs in a store somewhere.

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