Cost for sensor replacement for D700

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Re: Cost for sensor replacement for D700

Thanks for all the replies! Very helpful. I have been doing some research and reading and I think I am leaning toward just getting it back from Nikon unfixed, and then either having the filter replaced 3rd party OR as Joseph suggested, going the HR (hot rod) route! I cannot justify a $1500 repair for a $2150 camera! And the "HR" mod is very intriguing. If I was gong to go the D800 route it would be a D800E, so.........I may own a D700E at some point. And as far as going after the local shop for the costs of the repairs, it will be mentioned, but I'm sure nothing will come of it without solid proof and they are not someone I do business with on a continuous business. I was actually trying to keep my business local and support them. That didn't work out the best did it? And the part that makes this all ok, in a way, is the fact that the camera is taking photos fine, except for a couple of small spots, that you have too look for to really have it be an issue. So....thanks to all for the help and I think I may do the HR route when I get the camera back from Nikon, unless someone has some solid evidence for NOT doing it.

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