What's a good DSLR for bloggers?

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Re: What's a good DSLR for bloggers?

I don't really have a budget, but I'm inexperienced and usually move around troublesome parts of London so don't want to be walking about with a £1000 camera I'm terrified will get stolen. I'm willing to spend £300-£400, maybe more if there is a more expensive camera which can do 1080p or is more compact.

I think I need AF for events. I use manual for product reviews but during the hustle and bustle of conventions AF comes in handy.

I like to get up close for product reviews and the 18-55mm seems like the best all-rounder for event photography. I have a 55-200mm zoom lens for my D40 but it doesn't see much action. The 200mm does come in handy when I'm far away from a stage and want to get some close shots, but 90% of my photography is close up I think. I think a macro lens or a good prime lens might help with my new camera as I photograph quite a few figures from video games.

Yeah, sorry, what I want is one of those mirrorless cameras like the Lumix GF3 and Sony NEX 7. I don't think a regular point and shoot will be enough for me as I would like have more control over my shots over time, but these bulky DSLRs are too big. The Sony NEX 7 seems pretty perfect for my needs but I plan to upgrade to that when it gets a lot cheaper to buy second hand.

I'm not sure if I want a smaller sensor camera since I need all the low light performance I can get at times. Some of the events I attend are really dark and I want to avoid using flashes as much as possible. I've been told that the Sony NEX C3 has better low light performance than my D40 but I'm not sure how true this is, if this isn't true though I could think about going with a camera with smaller sensor since either way I'm losing some low light performance. Smaller sensor cameras would only appeal to me if they are even smaller/lighter than the NEX C3 and other mirrorless cameras with full size sensors.

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