Just thought I'd show......HS20 (2 images)

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Re: Just thought I'd show......HS20 (2 images)--Hi Doug

I really do enjoy these 2 images. I think they are really nicely captured and without any PP absolutely amazing. You never fail and please know I have always enjoyed your images and movies due to your straight forward creativity in everything you do photographically speaking.

Quite honestly I have missed seeing your work lately and hope you will come back and post more images as your time and inclination provide.

All the best to You and Yours Doug,

Gary N W SFO PS Be Well, too.

Baseman wrote:

an example of the difference between 8MP vs 16MP.

Settings were as follows:

Aperture Priority Mode F5.6
ISO 100
WB: Sunny
Full Zoom 126mm (720mm equivalent) Hand Held
IS: Shoot Only
Exposure Correction: -0.33
Metering: Spot
Sharpness: Normal
Noise Reduction: Low
Tone: Std
Colour: Std
Film Mode: PROVIA

I forgot I had Dynamic Range set to Auto, which of course doesn't function beyond 100% in 16MP mode. The 8MP image had DR set to Auto and it selected 200%.

The only other difference, other than framing, was shutter speed. 8MP image had 1/120, 16MP image had 1/150

Both images are SOOC. No PP has been applied!

Don't forget to click on Original to do a proper comparison

8MP Image:

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