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Re: You're right.

TrojMacReady wrote:

KLO82 wrote:

I am sure what you meant to say is cameras with "understated" ISOs will work with faster shutter speed. E.g. a camera which, according to them is actually ISO 125 (according to their measurement) at stated ISO of 100, has "understated" ISO, not "overstated" :).

Absolutely right, my bad. Now where's the coffee...

These are of course not considering the difference in lens t stops and difference between stated and actual shutter speed (if any). But I think it is OK for practical purposes to shoot at same stated shutter speed and f stop (with prime lenses) at same lighting - will not be as accurate as dxo measurements, but would be OK for many photographers. But dpreview does not do that.

I think I haven't seen any camera here which has over/ under - stated ISO by more than 1/2 stop. It means that there can be upto 1 stop difference in exposure between two cameras - one with ISO overstated by 1/2 stop, and another with ISO understated by 1/2 stop.

I remember the a couple of Fujifilm cameras overstating by as much as 2/3 of a stop and even the X Pro-1 according to Dpreview overstated up to 1/2 a stop. Introducing a net difference of up to 5/6th of a stop when compared to a NEX 7. Also, many compact cameras fall into that ballpark (my FZ18 included).

The Dpreview studio shots also aren't helped by inconsistent lighting (varying amounts of light, even apart from different physical exposure settings), as also noted when the OM-D E-M5 samples were posted. That's the one thing Imaging Resource took out of the equation when they changed their set up a couple of years ago.

The difference in lighting would not matter as long as they are determining exposure by their same Sekonic (incident) light meter. But in case of IR, they just rely on camera's internal light meter. SO we can not even get any idea how much diferrence in exposure is there between two cameras.

TrojMacReady wrote:

Which means that cameras with "overstated" ISO's will work with faster shutterspeeds, thus receiving less light.

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