What's a good DSLR for bloggers?

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Re: What's a good DSLR for bloggers?


do you need AF capability or are you comfortable with manual focus?

how was the d40 doing for you in low light?

how much zoom do you need for what you shoot and what range do you usually shoot at? (was the 18-55 that came with your d40 adequate rangewise or did you acquire other lenses? if so, which ones?).

also, what you are looking for are not DSLRs. By definition, they have mirrors which is what makes them bulky. The Sony NEX's you refer to are mirrorless cameras, which accounts for the skinny bodies, which means that they are NOT dslrs. However, they do have the same size sensor as your D40, which accounts for why the lenses are just as big as the D40 lenses.

other mirrorless options with skinny bodies have somewhat smaller sensors which means smaller lenses. you may trade off some low light performance but the lens selection for m4/3 is way better than for the NEX cameras (unless you can use legacy manual focus glass).

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