Pentax K-01 - Where is the love?

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Dear Dark Knight...

You're right. Other than Leopold, Wesley Wong & myself ( ), nobody seems to be posting K-01 shots on this forum with any regularity. Here are a few samples from my camera if you like:

Make no mistake, whatever you've read online from reviewers and commenters (much of it unfounded and/or misleading), this camera will give you top-of-the-line results.

It's quirky, unusual-looking and not without shortcomings, but, for me, the positives far outweigh the negatives. A very interesting article could be written about the release of the K-01 and the subsequent public reaction. The willingness of people to make rigid assertions based on uninformed personal opinions regarding the K-01, both among "professional" reviewers and the wider commenting community, still astounds me. Don't let that deter you. It turns out the K-01 is reliable, user-friendly, easy to carry and responsive. Not to mention the ability to directly attach Pentax's complete line of K-01 lenses.

Good luck and enjoy!
Cheers from Vancouver, Canada

Pentax K-01: &

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