High speed flash sync

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Re: High speed flash sync

HSS is used on stationary objects in direct sunlight all the time. Lets assume you have an ambient light reading of 1/500 sec at f8. If you turn your flash on normally the sync will only go up to 1/250sec so you can set your camera to 1/250sec f11 to get the same ambient exposure. If you turn on your strobe the ratio of strobe to sunlight is one to one. If you can use HSS you can bring your shutter speed up to say 1/2000 sec at f8 which means ambient light is 2 f stops too dark so the strobe light will be 2 f stops brighter then ambient. Hope this helps.

The thing to remember is that as shutter speeds increase the amount of ambient light exposure goes down. But with strobes shutter speed increase does not effect exposure because the flash duration is less then the shutter speed for strobes that have HSS capability. Strobes are only effected by iso, f stop, and distance.
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